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Dogs Throwing Tantrum
Dogs and puppies can sometimes behave like babies if they don’t like something, and throw temper tantrums, which looks so adorable and cute.

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Kiara Schibi says:

me everyday

pieter fischer says:

The only reason this is funny is because we cant understand what the dogs are saying…

Donna Ortega says:

My boxer always throws a tantrum XD

P. Herrmann says:

boxers are just hilarious

KazooTM says:

The boxers!!

Shayone Leadbetter says:


omnisquirrel says:



Cinnamon_Roll_Vine says:


Q StiX says:

a lot of dogs sound like nitro rc cars… lol

Dr m says:

Boxers are nutters

Daisyville says:

Baths =fire water! I swear they're so dramatic

Dik Tracy says:

Oh man those are gorgeous brindle boxers. I love those jowls.. My boxer have the squishiest little cheeks. Miss my boy :*(

Lifeasmarly says:

My dog does her little dance whenever she doesn't get her way, omf I love this video so much

Alicia Powers says:

My boxer argues with me about everything.. he’s very opinionated 😂😂😂😂 greatest guy in the world my sarge

Reimagine says:

I think I love Charlie! 😂😂😂😂

Clarka Kento says:

Dog throwing a tantrum reaction: "ha ha ha, aaaaawww…."
Child throwing a tantrum reaction: "…….please kill me…"

Trent Parker says:

hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaahahahaha LOL

Starlit Freak says:

I once grabbed a wild dog by the ears…it was a lot like grabbing a wild dog by the ears.

zeon hydro says:

0:10 Cocaine is one hellauva drug

jessie james says:

take thta table away. the sharp edge could hurt the dogs head

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