Dog Yawning


TSUM says:

stop its real

Mihai Popa says:

I can imagine how this can look fake for people who have never heard a dog yawn like this before. But I actually found this video searching for the sound that my dog makes when yawning and it's pretty close πŸ™‚

Carrie Thurman says:

My dog yawns like that tooπŸ˜πŸ˜‚

abigail yap says:

Omg looks like I not alone! My dog yawns like this lol

Ariphael says:


forre 97 says:


Milo Fordham says:

like if you commented fake through mock the week

Keiran Thomson says:

mock the week anyone??

ken kesey says:

Nah, don't buy it

Kasper J. Overgaard says:

That's called comic

Tapman99 says:

OMG its not fake, dogs yawn… just to satisfy the fans of mock the week.

1234eday says:


Matt C says:

Sooo fake :L

Sharks95 says:

Just so the not so smart get the Irony, I am a fan of mock the week & Chris Ramsey is a very funny man!!!!

JP CELTIC 1888 says:

fake you idiot….ohh my god some people….fake fake fake

Miles Butti says:

did you say that because of mock the week??

Cameron Macrae says:

clearly fake

Sharks95 says:

I don't understand!!! What do you mean fake. It clearly isn't fake, it's a video of an actual dog yawning. Do dogs not get tired? I've seen loads of dogs yawning. HOW IS IT FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave From Accountings says:

Did Mock The Week bring anyone here?

Factivist says:

62 people know that a dog yawns when its nervous or uncomfortable…

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