Funniest & Cutest Golden Retriever Videos #74 – Compilation 2017

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Life with a dog is such an adventure. They bring us different surprises each and every day. Here, we have collected videos of our funniest best friends that was caught on camera. This will surely make you laugh your hearts out! What are you waiting for? Click play now and enjoy!
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Bàlint Jung says:

De aranyosak

Philippe van Heek says:

0:55 how i clean my room ( floor )

saggurthi prathima says:

Cuteness overloaded 😀

Sophia Duarte says:

Such Beautiful Dog's 💕☺🏡🌏🌈✌
So Adorable.🙌💙💚🙋💜💕😊💕

56 426 225 says:

I don't know why the second dog had those damn shoes on but I didn't find it amusing. Your dog can be cute without you turning it into a clown. I'm gonna' assume there was a medical reason, but I would never make my dog a reason to be laughed at. Unlike us, they've earned respect.

Zlatan says:

0:38 lol doesn't even know he is earning himself a bath.

Judith Christoffelsz says:

I can never live my life with out a dog. It gives so much mental happiness

Ritwika Banerjee says:

Always I love your Videos….. Cute doggy…

עליזה איזנברג says:

This dog feel ashamed that she ate the sandvich . but nice dog !

Text Stories says:

Let's play a game!!!
Girls keep the likes even
Boys keep the likes odd

Its Me Dawg says:

The best are the funny and cute

annagirlylove asdfg says:

At 3:34😍😘I'm crying in inside

Dragon1 Animals says:

Super 👍👌

Riya Singh says:

Iovely dog so my hard so much i 💖dog💖💖💓💓

Gabriele Telesio says:

So cute, look @ my chanel, Videos about Sparky OEB😉

Shefali R says:

If only humans could spread joy and laughter, the world would be a different place

carrite says:

Hooray, the music is back!!!

Tang Dongchu says:

What is the sound called?

Sarah Barbosa says:


Aishwarya Revankar says:

awwwwww cuttuuuu

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