Dogs Crying When He Meets Owner After 2 year, 5 year,10 year…separation

Dogs Crying When He Meets Owner After 2 year, 5 year,10 year…separation
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Palette Sans says:

When the dog is uncontrollably crying and the cat’s like “who tf are you?”

_ImAaron says:

thats the sadest moments of my life time

Raven Lol says:

Faq those collars

callum lloyd h says:

Like i dont even know how people can dislike this doe

kenn Ashly Dangate says:

i wish i had a pet like them … so cute

vaibhav singh says:

The person who hates German Shepherd dog have no right to live

Monu Sharma says:

I miss my dog

Syeda Rizvi says:

Awww shoo cute

Paweł Perih says:

ojej to takie słodkie


2:02 that dog runs up to the owner while the cat just chills😂😂

Ponnarom Hak says:

I love the dogs crying and me I have no dogs; (

Alberto Guadiana says:

this video made me hungry

hey its Cxndice says:

when i come home from school my dog jumps on me but the jump feels like:: WHY DID YOU COME HOME!!!!😫😫

Chelsea Steers says:

Aawww somcute

Jessi Berrios says:

So sad I cried 😭😭😭😩😩😩😢😥😢😥😢😓

ralph laynes says:

Dogs not failed to amaze me

BrokenSparkledreams Live-Laugh-Love says:

First of all digs can't shed tears

عبداللطيف ظيف الله الأشول says:

يتعلمو من الحيونات الأغبياء البشر المجرمين

Anyta Choromi says:

Awww this is so cute Animals have feelings too!This is so emotional ❤️

Kakashi Uzumaki says:

How does this have 3k dislikes

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