Top 10 Funny Guilty Dogs (2016)

The very best guilty dog videos of 2016, all in one place! These top 10 guilty dogs are sure to brighten your day!

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Tripin S says:

These people need to spend more time with their dogs.

TheSonjaxfactor says:

1:55 is why people,surrender dogs!

Maan Snow says:

NOT GUILTY, all of them

Me Love Twatt Longtime says:

02:56 1st place, 04:26 2nd 😂

15-11-1214 #R says:

aww i have the last one 😘

Mila the German Shepherd says:

The Dalmatian was trying to look innocent by smiling 😂😂😂

David Orh says:

They're like I wanna new owner I don't wanna live with this one anymore I'm so bad I want to start again lol

Steven Fairhurst says:

Dose the home insurance cover that ?.

Lucy Robb says:

My dog does the same thing as the dog at 2:21 rolls over all innocent like and cute.

mOejOe33 says:

If they deported all illegal aliens, all dogs would be disciplined.

Tanya Moses says:

dude yu shoould remove the jar its too suffocating

Ms A says:

i SWEAR i could watch these 24/7!!

Amanda Brundage says:

I love it how the dogs roll on there backs saying I'm innocent

Petra sooc says:

The last part so adorable

Priscilla Darkholm says:

Holy Hell the Dalmatian looks demonized when it smiles. I am not a little kid and that frightened me!

Doug W says:

love the smiling dalmation.

Aaron Creger says:

I'd LOVE to see the owners throw the dogs in the tub, draw them a nice warm bubble bath and then drop in a running blow dryer…

Aurellya Rahmada says:

0:52 lmaooo😂

colin schabel says:

Why does everyone have such shitty sofas?

AnaMarija Krsteska says:

OMG the dalmatian is sooo uglyyy 👹👹

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