This Dog Really Hates Twilight


Hanahc1 Productions says:

it was funny that gigglepup loves to bark
at the tv

BeardedFrog7 says:

I love how she goes up to you at the end, "BUT MAKE IT STOP, MA"

Camila Loyola says:

what is her breed?

GoruthIsOP says:

the dog is barking at the wolf… i thought he was smart before i watched this

Catelyn Stark says:

no I'm sorry if I insulted you, I didn't mean to. Maybe she is scared of the huge wolves or something.

gigglechickdotcom says:

nope. she went crazy at this movie in particular… at other animals she'll merely sit on the couch and scream. this one she leapt. Sorry if you're a Twilight fan (i loved the books… but Gigglepup can't read.)

Catelyn Stark says:

so she goes nuts at every animal…. and you decided to name the video like that because you hate twilight and to get views…..?

Cade Bogan says:

That's a cool video! Go check mine out!! Just got a YouTube account

gigglechickdotcom says:

she makes noises that are insane! i love her.
one time we were walking and she saw another dog and started screaming bloody murder so loudly that my neighbor who is a cop ran out of his house with his gun thinking that a woman was being attacked. good times 🙂

gigglechickdotcom says:

:} thank you…

ExileOnDaytonStreet says:

"I know! It IS a bad movie!" Well played, camera-holder.

gigglechickdotcom says:

haha! nooooo, she does not!

Paul Zink says:

Does NOT like those wolves!

gigglechickdotcom says:

she watches teevee all the time — and even when an animated animal is on the screen she'll go nuts. I haven't seen Animal Planet in the 3 years since I adopted her :}

Aso Paso says:

Poor dog, s/he is not sure what to make out of it lol prob really confused about whether its real or not 🙁

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