Cute easy and popular trick to train – dog clicker training

This trick I first saw performed by Pere youtube user Hechiasia -
Its such a sweet and lovely trick that has become very popular these days, that I thought I would create a video tutorial on how to train it.



aww I want to practice this 😀 Thank you for sharing 😀

Blue Røule says:

Why does splash sit like that?

Viagem pelo Mundo says:

Hello from Brazil! Emily, I have to say that I LOVE your videos! My sister in law, who is a dog trainer in the Bay area told me about your videos and it was everything that I needed. All the tricks that my dog has learned so far I learned from you! 😀 I wish you taught on Fenzi Academy….I would love taking some online courses with you. Thanks again and keep posting, Deise.

Kavir Patara says:

I wоооuld strоnglу rесоmmеnd рrоpеr trаining fоr уоur dоg. Тhink уоu аrе imрlеmеnting еffiсiееееnt аnd dоg friеndlу аааррrоасhеs?
Sее hоw tоооо trаin уоur dоg thе right wауу ==>

NM 56 says:

i was watching a video you uploaded in 2009 😃

Haley Grant says:

Taught my dog in 15 minutes! Thank you so much, Kikopup!!

Melanie Stevens says:

How do you train look forward? You use it right at the end, so the dog just looks straight ahead while you are standing behind? Thanks so much for posting! Please keep the tutorials coming, my dog has mastered them ALL! He gets so bored if I have nothing to teach him. I live in Cape Town, please come here and do a workshop?? 🙂

Sarah Stridgeon says:

This is a really great video thanks

pratap singh says:

Super trick thanks👍🏻

mojoandfriends says:

You mixed up the commands. When standing with your back turned towards her, she perfectly looked where you looked, but you asked her to look in the other direction (she had to look right (for her) but you said look left). Later on, she did it perfectly without your movements, but you asked her for the wrong ques around 2.27 min and onward.

Bárbara Formiga says:


Sorry to begin like this, I just needed attention haha first, thank you for all your videos, they helped me a lot with my new dog, she used to live on the street and we are together now for about seven months, I learned a lot from you and our relation is amazing. I have two questions, if you or any one else here can help me I'll be grateful. First, how do I introduce a new dog to my currect one? Should I do it outside our house in a neutral place?

And second, my dog started acting a little bit strange at night, when the evening/night comes she tries to hide and doesn't want to eat if I'm not near her. She also looks terrified and keeps looking at every corner. She only gets calm when I let her come up to my room, than she takes a nap and calms herself down. It's strange because she only gets like this at night, during the day she is really calm and I don't do anything different during the evening/night. Do you guys have any opinion about what I should do?

scorpion56321 says:

Question….How do you not let your dogs get fat with all the treat giving?? I have taken away from my dogs breakfast and dinner the amout of treats I give them,but then they hardly have a meal and they Know it. How do I manage this??? Thank -You so much for the videos.

Scot says:

my dog goes crazy when he sees other animals such as cats dogs squirrels we dont know what to do he is a rescue dog and previosly was a street dog he charges at the animal and screeches really loud his tail wags what should we do please help me

Kebzay says:

Nice 👍🏼 you have a really pretty dog

Emily Plays says:

Kikopup please could you do a way to teach dogs to do agility my gran has 2 dogs and I'm trying to teach them agility we have a seesaw they won't go over we tried propping it up and making them jump off it what should I do next? There breeds are 1 jack Russel and 1 jack Russel chihuahua cross! Please reply

Shannie says:

Cute!! My dog would not stay though. She doesn't like when I go behind her. She immediatly get up! Btw, is there a way to contact you? I am in LOVE in the way you teach your dogs new things and the way you treat them. I feel like they seem so calm and easy. You sure make it look easy! What I would do to have such a relationsship with my girl. Not that I dont have a good one, we are super close and everything, but she could need a bit of help with a few things to make life easier for both of us haha!

Krystle Kay says:

So glad you're posting videos again! Thank you!

Paula Nowak says:

Nicely done you two!

chanelname969 says:

more videos emily:) !

iZKy Khan says:

what are you using for treats plzzz rply must dear

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