What’s it like to make dog training videos?


luc_is_recording says:

zak i want a greyhound for hunting rabbits i have rabbits myself tho do u think that would be a problem?

Marra Apgar says:

Hey Zak, I'm a dog trainer, and I watch and share your videos. 🙂 Any tips on a good outdoor mic for someone who shoots videos solo? I've got a little Sony Handycam on a tripod so far. I'd like to put up tutorials for clients and morph that into some little online courses, so it would be good to have my voice picked up better!

snowballs442 says:

Supporting you since 2004 with Coco and Dino the Corgis

ThePhenomenalBro says:

Do you think you could upload an updated vid on how to teach your dog to speak on command?

Emil Kongensholm Ruby says:

How much exesize does a border collie need ?

Ghost King says:

Please give a video that how to brush dogs teeth

USA4US says:

I love your videos but they do look doctored because the dogs seem to have been trained beforehand. I have tried your methods but I have had to take much longer than you. My dog is a rescue 2 year old boxer female and she lied down and pretends she Can't hear me. I will keep trying.

snarfed snarfer says:

hey zak, would you ever consider offering a training class online somewhere like fenzi dog sports academy? Theyre starting to add in classes for pets and I feel like having a sort of star could help continue to spread yours and theirs force free training method

Katie Stubblefield says:

Come on people let's get this man to 1M #subscribed

Mariette Gonzalez says:

Please I need help urgent. We have 2 Blue Heler .We love them but they bite when we play with them .My granchildren can be togeter cause they are always fithtig very for her and yjealuos its difficult h and he is bossy and hurts her she pis . me we give her attention even whe do the same with every We feel sorry for her.They chew everythith rock wood,plastic,socks trees, Helppppp.

Ohh So Wicked says:

Your videos are so helpful and you seem like a loving and genuine person.

FerretsCantGame says:

I know this isnt related to this video, but I was just annoyed with my dog for demanding attention by trying to force me to pet her and got me thinking "Is there a way to make her stop this annoying demand" and I went to see if you had anything on it, and you dont. Can you please make a video about how to stop demanding attention. For my dog, it wasnt really ever a thing until she turned 1. As a puppy she was very independent. She didnt really care for too much love and attention and then all of a sudden she is up in everyones faces and when she notices me looking at her she comes over and demands that I pet her by trying to force my hand on her head and only gets worse when I do start giving her some love, she then loses all manners and wants to get in your face. And she is a dalmatian, so when she is excited she has a lot of energy to back it up.So she usually goes overboard and trying to weasel herself onto you when on the couch. (And trust me, she knows shes not allowed to, she likes to test her limits as much as she can, she is very intelligent, she tries to loop hole everything, not just this, in which she never gets away with it, but she tries anyway, if she doesnt like doing something, she tries to get away with not doing it, or half doing it, and she sasses you when she doesnt get her way; which is always.lol). But one important step into her training is her manners for attention. It would be very great if you made a video on it

Adana wiki says:

What about Venus…where is she?

Wanda Morales says:

It was so nice to see behind the scene and yes, it will be nice to see you and Bree together doing the videos. Thank you so much for your hard work. We know that is not easy, but you help us a lot. You were a blessing potty training my puppy. 🐶🐶

Kate Angelo says:

Cute video! I would live to see training smaller dogs because we have a brilliant Chihuahua that's only 4lbs. She knows a lot of commands, but she can't do some things like "pray" or balancing treats on her head. FYI, we use cheerios as treats because other treats either fill her up, or she takes them away to eat, thus ending the training. ☺

Lara Radico says:

My potty trained puppy started peeing on the carpet again, after 3 months of using the potty. Any advice?

Sacha Santiago says:

I have a 5 month old German shepherd and I can't get her to do anything with out a treat in my hands

fofanarmy says:

Please Make More Of These Videos

Kayla Lopez says:

Can you do a video on how to associate an aggressive dog with other dogs? My dog had pneumonia and wasn't around other dogs while he was getting better and now he can't be around other dogs, he lunges and snarles and barks. If they're far away we can settle him down but if they move or get closer it triggers him. Even hearing a dog bark in the distance gets him stressed and defensive. We want to adopt another dog some day!

Brian Shaw says:

Hey zak I have a Pomeranian bitch she has a good relationship with me but she herself killed her new born kids sO hOw can i teaCh heR thaT it's bot gOod???

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