Dog welcomes home her Mom


beaglesguy says:

Classic. Thanks.

James Stone says:

Daisy was the name of the beagle in the movie John Wick. Beagles are such sweethearts.Β 

John Paul says:

The dog is infected with love, it must die.

Tammee Walker says:

I love the dog bed. Where u find it . Thanks for ur serve

InnannasRainbow says:

No one will ever give you as much absolute love as your dog will.

Julia Aguilar says:

"Yaaaaaay, my mommy is home!!!!" So cute!

Evolution says:

I have watched a ton of these videos and this one is by far the best

Ted Striker says:

eat your heart out, cat owners.

bbad 123 says:

Beagles r so happy and hyper

Sandra Leal says:

Omg thats so adorable

K1dSmirk says:

Dog: who the hell is touchin….OH MY GOD MOM!!!!!

sacchro says:

She seems a bit upset lk where were u mom i missed u sooooo much where were u.

mikaku says:

Literally, fuck you and your religion. Go pray to some made up god.

DB says:

he is just trying to say .."Where have you been mom ! I missed you so much…"

Crystal barba says:

OMg soooo cute

Nina Trimbath says:

Daisy was literally crying at their reunion. How emotional. And Amanda was so sweet and caring toward her dog.

Nina Trimbath says:

I think that dog was worried Awww, cant you just tell he is saying I was so worried and I missed you so much. This makes me want to cry.

bonezs90 says:

"Ya the flowers are great" laughed so hard when he said that

Catherine Furman says:

Dogs are the best Christians I know. They love you no matter what, they forgive you anything and are loyal unto theirs and your death. They feel just as we do, all of our human emotions. Believe it. What a joy to see this! This is love.

Ckcmbikk says:

He apparently was exited to see her! So cute!!! πŸ™‚

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