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SMART Service Dog Makes HILARIOUS Mistake | This service dog is such a GOOD girl — and she just made the most adorable mistake. Check out her channel Chronically Jaquie:

via @JukinVideo (

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Yasmine Higgins says:

If your wondering the channel this came from, here it is, she makes videos everyday with this cute doggie in it:
highly suggest you check it out 🙂 ❤️

RCF The Firemage says:

this is so cool

Vegan Yogi says:

Wow the lady hasn't made the connection yet with that Ranch huh

Dastravine 309 says:

All the dislikes are cats

Maria AH says:


Power Duet says:

I wish I had her or him

Alyssa Howard says:

So cute! I can't right now!

Diane Berg says:

Her face. "But….why, human? Is bottle!"

EvoDark Plays says:

use "please" so she will not make a mistake anymore

Ava Blackwell says:

what did we do to deserve dogs

Baron Pixelbane says:

I am pretty sure Harlow just wanted some ranch for herself.

Rocky Road says:


Ziva the dog says:

I'll tell my dog I'm cold and she lays on my feet

Carinne Solange says:

I love golden retrievers 😊💜

Kyojin says:

" who's the best dog " HER SHE IS HER

MidNight Wolfie says:

Aww, she brought her the ranch I was so in love! I love this channel!! 💖💙

Daniel SC says:

My dog just knows sit and high five and he needs food for that

Burger Egg says:

Wow i love that doggo

Jockuleon says:


Natalie Plays says:

even they can be silly sometimes 😁

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