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Smart Pig Gets Trained Like A Dog | This piglet knows more tricks than most dogs. Love Animals? Subscribe:

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ZumbaPlayz SuperDog says:

I got so excited when I saw the Irish Setters! What a lucky pig👍🐶

ChocolaTee says:

its adorable, and all animals need love like her but….
Sorry, i cant give up meat, KFC chickens are just too good. IM SORRY OK? BUT I AINT GUNNA BEE A VEGETERIAN

drkimy says:

This animal has more inteligence than the mulllahs in Iran.

Leslie Williams says:

love that Amy so awesome

JaxTheGamer says:

We all now someone had to do this but

Nature Heart says:

I hope she never gets eaten

Animal LuverTV says:

Aww so cute and smart!!

Clorox Bleach says:

Not a lot of people know but pigs have the same amount of intelligence like a dolphin. We eat the so much tho that we don't care.

Anunaki atlantis says:

please gave kiss her for me… 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

Tofu Waffle says:

Watch all the vegans go off at you when you make a joke about bacons

Betty Juszczak says:

I love pigs, eventually I want to get one

Julieta Guzman says:


Kai Drysdale says:

I am eating bacon and eggs right now…..


Daniel SC says:

She is literally 10 times better at tricks than my dog

Mandy-Lou Dumesny-Blahut says:

Best girl. Xx

Cat Girl says:

very cute ♥ pure positive energy ⚡

Fernando Ramos says:

This is the only smart liberal that I would say was cute.

jonathan sarson says:

I just love all your posts 🙂

Steven Lantz says:

Pigs are smarter than dogs, this isn't a "smart" pig, it is a pig which are inherently smarter. That is why killing them is an unconscionable as killing and eating dogs.

Khushi Chanllawala says:

love you😘

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