Smart Dog Plays Hide and Seek With Human Brother | The Dodo

Dog Plays Hide and Seek | This smart dog loves playing hide-and-seek with her brother β€” and she always looks SO happy when she finds him πŸ’ž

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BaconsYT says:

I play hide and seek with my dog just the same

Saarah Hazeeb says:

My dog also play with me hide and seek…its soon funy

Labrador Snowy says:

Here's my Lab puppy snowy playing hide and seek for the first time –


leepakim says:

interesting I thought that the dog would just use his nose to find him.

simon anthony anthony says:

wonderful family and dog god bless you guys

simon anthony anthony says:

wonderful family and dog god bless you guys

slevin kelevra says:

Wonderful πŸ‘Œ

Ashneel P says:

Dog 100045889 Hooman 0

才恩 says:

My dog and i used to this, once it goes for about 15 minutes and i had to stay still behind my bedrooms door which had lots of spiders

才恩 says:

That what the heck lmaooo

Josh The Baller says:

Check out the curves on the Mom thoπŸ”₯πŸ”₯

janissary says:

Dog seems broken,has a bad nose or get a new one.or its not using its nose cuz of fair gameplay

Firman Sandiyah Budi says:

I can't imagine if one of them die 😒

Rina Soetandar says:

How adorable 😍

Mary Pelton says:

Our one cat who loves to shake, fist bump,and high five also loves to play peek a boo with me

Hannah debenham says:

this is the best vid in the world

Anime_Ramen_ says:

I also do this with my pup, it's really nice seeing his reaction when he finds me cause he gets all excited and cheerful.

Eve G says:

Kinda cheating though! She can smell him from like a mile away! πŸ™‚

Jupiter Brite says:

I need a dog like this

Sakonema says:

If that is the dog's human brother, is it's mother a sheep?
This is actually a very nice video. Guess I gotto share it.

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