Smart Dog


Z M says:

Its cause the little fucker knows hes going to get food haha

ROCK0L0GY says:


thatkoolkatal says:

How is this animal abuse in any way shape or form? That sweet doggie looks as happy as ever! The dog is engaged, exercising, and having fun. The dog is smarter than anyone claiming abuse.

Sophie Turner says:

O…M..G…. Clever or what xx

lulupreciosa says:

Wow that is the most awesome thing I ever seen

iBoYube says:

wow i like to teach the dog will know how something

Leanne Wasser says:

people who are saying this is animal abuse u really dont know what it is animal abuse is beating this is not beating

Diana Camila says:

i want a dog like this where can i get itt? <3

Nextboy Martin says:

animal abuse..

Sterling Gibbs says:

what even….

JL747 says:

Best dog ever

suzannecocks says:

Ridiculous! Lol what an awesome creature!

Maria Oravainen says:

smart owners =smart dog

WarSmurfs says:

No you wouldn't…. your "lovely" and "poor thing" already give away that your overly kind towards a animal that expects firm leadership. A dog is a pack animal, to actually teach it stuff and having the dog do it on a reguliar basis is extreemly healthy for the dog. Because in nature it would also be expected in a pack to behave a certain way each time.

Despite your good intentions, you would prolly give a dog a stressful live due to your being to kind.

Mick Corless says:

nvm I saw at the end. I'm not stupid or retarded like many might like to say. I correct my mistakes instead.

Mick Corless says:

is that a jack russel?

Ingrid Schau says:

at 1 34… I shoud hope my dog coud do that…

Mireya cancio says:

The ending was adorable

Shellybean111892 says:

it's so cute, he just wanna please his master! 😀

taverned says:

Cute dog there…. and really smart… I bet this dog is fun to be with. I'll post some vids of my dog, Holly. She is smaller, with longer hair and smaller ears, … shorter snout. But, she has the same color markings on her face. You can see it better after a hair cut.

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