Dog dances in a conga line

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Dog does the cha-cha with his family.

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What I Feel says:

I'm sorry to be the one to say it but, by the looks of what's hanging out… he's not dancing in no conga long. 

JACKIE Trujillo says:

That's stupid get a life.


That dog is a pervert. He isn't dancing…

Mishelle Linares says:

This is sooooo cute! I'm in love!

Fuchsia Blue Skies says:

i saw this on America's Funniest Home Videos.

Money Wu says:

hahaha~Happy Family got a Happy doggie,lovely(^^)

Mas Tad says:

The doggie's got a boner.

マツモトコウジ says:


競馬の大根おろし says:


amaenna says:

it's a labrador retriever 😀

honkletondonkleton says:

he's only gone and got his lipstick out!

b1njjj95 says:


極楽院夜叉麿 says:

I want to know is licking the song that plays at the end of the video

Bahamianempress says:

Not an ugly thought. It's nature. Dogs like to hump. Period. lol

myjeevie says:

this is a sweet family and an adorable video. why bring such an ugly thought into the equation?

myjeevie says:

why are you so nasty? your remark is not appreciated.

Pakistani Dragon says:

This guy laughing at back sounds wrong

amaimon says:

"dances" xD

CronoDyne says:

"You don't win friends with salad"

Teach'sCabin says:

Hard to not get horny seeing a conga like that one.

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