PIG vs DOG: Testing Pets Intelligence

-people say that pigs are smarter than dogs, so today I’m testing my pets luna & oliver’s intelligence against each other to see if that’s true! thumbs up for more pet videos!
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Marla Fernandez says:

The noise Luna makes creeps the hell out of me @ 9:16

Payton Ann says:

Boy, you need to clean your damn floor

Sandwich The Fox says:

Ricky u think ur dog is dumb my dog just slammed his head on the couch cousin to get up there and he's 1 year old

joshpwnsnoobs says:

Ricky what are you doing with your hair? too much man

Rain Thalmann says:

Or maybe Luna gets the point for the one where you act hurt because Oliver "came to your rescue" even though you were faking it and Luna knew it was fake so didnt bother. I would give it to Luna because your acting wasnt too great tbh 😂 not hatin'

Rain Thalmann says:

I feel like you and anyone else is supposed to put the towel over their face. Because what if you put it around their neck and they dont mind it so they have no reason to get out of it?? If you cover their face they'll definitely want to get out of it and then you can effectively test their ability to do so.

An Oldie but a Goodie says:

Use that YouTube money and get yourself a maid…your house is fucking disgusting

Haley Borch says:

Wow now we know who your favorite is.

Mustang Barrel Racer says:

i cant get over how dirty his house is

Rocio says:

"A little bit late but shes fine" me

Elisabeth Gade says:

But he was helping Luna 😂

_ Albertson_ says:

". Luna wants her turn" "THESE DIVAS" 😂

Abegail Cudia says:

Ahhh I'm hurt! ahhh! that's my acting skill in a nutshell

Athina Carolina says:

luna's tail is TOO MUCH I LOVE IT!!!!

Nina Lisa Vestergaard says:

I've never clicked on a video so fast before

bjorn Olson says:

Idk if playing fetch is a sign of intelligence or not. It's seems maybe more intelligent to not go after the toy. Luna just doesn't care and doesn't get excited as easily as Oliver. It takes more to get her into something because she's smarter.

Kate Barton says:

I should really be sleeping right now

Kristin Bear says:


The Night Wolf says:

wait so shane is smart

Vaporeon Animation's says:

Omg Oliver the corgi is so cute also the pig is cute too!

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