Dog Training: Cute Dog Trick- Teaching Your Dog to Roll Over – Thriving Canine

Teaching your dog to roll over.

Chad Culp, Certified Dog Trainer, Canine Behavior Specialist and Owner of Thriving Canine, reviews the simple techniques to teach your dog to roll over. This fun dog trick is a hit for both kids and the in-laws.

Episode Highlights:
-3 prerequisite for roll over – (down command, following a food lure and comfortable being handled) (0.18)
-Teaching your dog how to roll over (0:44)
-Extra Trick (which way does your dog prefer to kick his/her hips when sitting) (1:55)
-Remember to reward your dog when they complete a trick (2:32)


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Chad Culp
Certified Dog Trainer and Canine Behavior Specialist
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Judy Weikum Benson says:

I really liked you telling us about going slow with treat. You actually showing how the dog just turns it head the other way. That' what my dog always did. Now I can get my dog to roll over! Thanks

Jolie Poulet says:

what do I do if my dog is laying down and when I use the treat he just sits up and trys to eat it.


Zee – It sounds like your dog may not yet be comfortable with physical handling. You can either work on that before doing roll over or try the exercise without any physical pressure. See for info on the DVD to learn more about adding pressure without fear. 

Zee Ozzy says:

but what if your dog is afraid to rollover because when i did it i tried to help her but she was scared and never was able to do it, please help what should i do?

Pang Vang says:

Thank you. It help me so much.

Jansen Jiongco says:

Thank you dude. You were to teach a trick in 2 mins and you were very specific with the details 😀

three norns says:

that is SO much better than the traditional method where you reward the dog for lying down…. then for tilting…. then for lying on their side…. then for going on their back… etc.

i'm pretty sure some dogs – the more intelligent ones – would get fed up with that and i know i sure would.

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