Baby tiger vs. dog beds!

Zara is an expert dog-bed TRASHER, so we gave her some heavy-duty beds to see if she could destroy them like she has to countless other, “less stout” models.

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Ashley Rose says:

I think the floor company needs to have her in a paid commercial! (The beds too of course.)

Donna Dottoli says:

She needs a balistic ninja combo bed. Crazy balistic ninja baby Zara.

Maddie May says:

Those ears kill me every time! So big and cute!!

Casey Woodroof says:

They can add tiger tested on the list now

TheJurassicGamer says:

The one person who disliked has no soul

juggler mansveld says:

doesnt look like the the music works 😛 to calm

Bridget Nash says:

She is getting so big! Pretty crazy pants Zara.

Divine-Donna God'slove says:

Oh little Zara is cutest and super lovely. 🙂

Nerys Ghemor says:

Oh my goodness, this reminds me of what my housemeow does to the bathroom rug! 😉

Taylor Jeanne says:

Ew, gross nasty teegee!

kayla123ism says:

How's her leg healing? I can imagine it's having difficult time with her literally never sitting still

ryan huck says:

Zara – I must destroy everything

JC Caelan says:

Have you considered trying some jazz or slow swing music for her?

Bloodkisses333 says:

What bed is that??? I need one that my dog can't destroy! If it is tiger proof I think my dog can't destroy it!

Cassandra Watton says:

Kill play baby kitteh edition! Adorable with those beautiful bright eyes. 😍

coprtop red says:

What a great way to test pet beds for durability….give them to a tiger cub!!! lol 🙂

Emily Warner says:

Livin' for those back ear white spots!

Michael Triola says:

I think Zara prefers metalcore over that calm stuff

Erika Lee says:

I was watching this with my kitty, and he was ENTHRALLED. I'm not sure what I'm going to come home to after work today.

Judith Berlin says:

Zara wears me out just watching her. I wish I had just half her energy. What a handful. I am going to enjoy watching her grow into adulthood.

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