A video song for dogs and dog lovers from the CD “SONGS TO MAKE DOGS HAPPY!” – the first musical CD for dogs approved by dogs at


Doctor Shao says:

My dog just stared at me like wha are you doing😒🐶

Aidan McGinty says:

I’m not trying to hate but in my opinion I think this is cringe as hell

Maddie Allen says:

My dog got so much anxiety from this

Ava says:

my dog likes it lmao he wags his tail

Jennifer Kelly says:

My dog doesn't give a damn when I play this for him.

Skillz r u says:

My dog was singing along!!

shannan Maria says:

I love my dog he is very sweet he is only mine

Anna Cottage says:

This is so beautiful, so many thanks to all, and of course all the wonderful Dogs. Anna.

Super Fun Rainbow Ray says:

My dog wouldn't even look at the screen

Rat Man says:

My dog is so cute I have too

I love PUPPYS says:

my dog just grabbed his my ice cream and eated after that hi heard that I put this song and fell asleep on my shoulder

lucias kain says:

It doesn't work my dog didn't care she actually went outside and came back in when it stopped

Linda Wilks says:

my dog likes it I got to dogs I let them here it all the time and they fall a sleep

Benjamin Haughs says:

i love so much

Trace Flores says:

my dog loves it and he is the best dog in the world

M&M Gaming says:

The Best Song Ever!!!!!!!!

CrazyGAMER says:

soooooooooooooooo cute

Little monkey gaming says:

but my dog hated the song

Bridal Dreams says:

Style #: 121
Color: Navy
Size: 12
Price: $248

KeepItLitENT says:

my dog fell asleep to this

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