Guilty Dogs Video Compilation 2017

From dogs getting into the trash, dogs shredding up their beds, to dogs eating a bunch of pop tarts, these are just a few of the guilty dogs you’ll find in this guilty dogs video compilation.

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Titles/Original Links: Denver Official Guilty Dog Video
Dogs Look Guilty after Eating Treats
Guilty Dog Lies Amongst Shredded Newspaper
Dog Gets Caught with Head Stuck in Tissue Box
Guilty Dog Tries to Slink Away from Owner
Guilty Dog Hides Face in Shame
Guilty Dog Steals Pop-Tarts
Dog Makes a Mess in Bathroom
Chihuahua Gets Head Stuck in Can
Dog Uses Kitchen Towel as Disguise
Dog Unravels Toilet Paper Across Room
Owner Yells at Dogs Who Ate His Shoes
Dog Gets Stuck in Garbage Can Lid


Silvertone58 says:

These animals are pissed that their owners go away and leave then alone all day

PaulAlan Cornelius says:

Our dog used to do that.

chisel chin says:

reminds me of the video of the monkey getting caught by reaching through a hole and not letting go of the seeds.

MrQbenDanny says:


Eagle In A Beanie says:

Sandy the Squirrel was like this when I scolded her for eating the suet from the bird feeder

Sue Schultz says:

I never laughed so hard. My Bela always would hide in the corner when she was in trouble!


This is truly the best! I <3 dogs so much!

Eddy Kedsilp says:


Rick James says:

the dog at the end tho.

also whats with that creepy voice at the ends now?

m3luk h says:

'oh my goodness, Denver you DID do it' haha gets me every time

Heidi says:

Pet Collective, thanks for the giggles 😁 But I wonder if some of these dogs are left alone too much and get bored, hence they find something to do!

Yorkie pups 2016 says:

0:42 omg lol guilty !

Cat22 says:


Inspired Blue says:

At least those two dogs that ate the dentasticks will have fresh breath πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Inspired Blue says:

Omg that blue nose was too cute.

Cuteness Overload says:

"Who went in that garbage" hahahaha

Rixin Dolma says:

All are cute. but last one is damn cute. ❀

Cuteness Overload says:

Dogs are life

Cuteness Overload says:

COOPER!!!!!!<3 so guilty haha

Maddie S says:

"omg denver you didn't" SO FUCKING FUNNY

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