Dog likes this beat


SammaLlama says:

Yeah this stops being nice when you know about the probable Distemper. It's possible that it's just a remnant of a past infection, but with a street dog? Unlikely he's cleared it on his own. Not good.

bOBER mASTER says:

у собаки не очень хороший музыкальный вкус

The Padula Show says:

Animals are great comedy relief.

J rich says:

ill like this simply cos your cute

Aiseruchan says:

How about you shut up? Have a nice day.

Magdalena de la Oz says:

This dog is sick. Human beings have always notable for its cruelty and ignorance. They spend thousands of years and man evolves, regresses. That animal needs help.

Johnny Rico says:

That's cool. Now you should ask me if I would give a fuck about some stranger that I have never met laughing at me.

Aiseruchan says:

haha yeah if you have a heart problem and you did that i'd totally laugh at you hahaha

Johnny Rico says:

Don't care still lol'd

Tiago Felipe says:

doença, coitadinho .. ele precisa de tratamento e não de gozação ..

Hi Jxsmoove says:

O . . .

April VanBuren says:

Wow! Not cute or funny! This dog needs a vet ASAP! He either has a neurological problem going on (seizure, distemper, etc) or is suffering from nerve damage. Is this dog still alive?

Kyle Smith says:

You think this is cute and funny? This dog as Distemper and is dieing and probably dead now.

This is a video of a dog that as the same problem.


EsfingeBRA says:


Aiseruchan says:

Guys.. There's nothing funny about this. It's not being dope or liking 'that' beat. This dog is sick. It has distemper and now he's probably dead.

Hailey Rivers says:

How I dance at the club

Devon Gall says:

How does this NOT have a billion views?!?!

xXMonsterSergal GoneInsaneXx says:

either its having a spazzum, or its being a dope dog XD

Cathy Chavarria says:

This cracks me up!

Donut says:

It actually looks like he really really needs to pee

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