Winking Dog

Watch for understanding in the right eye of this very intelligent dog. Babies learn to wink by blinking first. This smart dog is still learning but the winks prove she understands.


Harry Blowfish says:

You don't even have to look closely. The only way a dog or cat can wink is if they have a facial tic. They have no idea of the concept.

p0mfg0rzk says:

if u look closely, u can see hes not winking

Unknown says:

Dogs are cool

horsinarounddoc says:

Not on command…..

Watermelon says:

every dog does that…

Hayley Wyatt says:

Very good 😀

Antigone1892 says:


horsinarounddoc says:

One of the rewards I give her for winking is I throw her ball for her. So now she walks by me with the ball in her mouth and winks at me. It's a little freaky.

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