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Smart dog breeds – Angel – Golden Retriever dog playing hide and seek with owner tries to find the child. Dog games video is a funny compilation of hide and seek vine how Angel tries to find Damsel. The Golden Retriever is superbly successful and how!!! One of the best parts of having a dog companion is playing with your furry friend. Search and rescue dogs training are very useful in life threatening conditions. Dog playing hide and seek is the instinctive quality of dogs used in such cases. Playing hide and seek with dogs is the most fun thing to do especially with an intelligent dog and you run out of places where you can hide. Damsel and Angel try out their mettle trying to play hide and go seek. Dog training in India generally for obedience etc is available but playing hide and seek video is rare to find. Mental stimulation for dogs especially intelligent dogs is very important to keep the dog mind occupied with games. Tricks for dogs helps in this regard immensely and doggies playing also is fun for kids. Enjoy the dogs at play.

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Me, My Bro & Toys says:

Hi damsel nice video. Satvik is having fever since last 2 days. He was very dull. But he enjoyed watching this video. He always like to see angel. Thank you.

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