Cute Bull terrier Dogs and Adorable Babies – Funny Dog loves baby Compilation

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Content description: Cute Bull terrier Dogs and Adorable Babies – Funny Dog loves baby Compilation
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Kevin Joseph says:

this is reckless behaviour bull terriers are very unpredictable they can be playful but they have very strong defensive reactions and allowing children to play rough is asking for trouble

A z says:

Amore eeeeeeeeeeeee 💖 💖 💖

SketchyYoon says:

When the dog is protecting the baby how do you get your baby back? Like to change diaper, feed them, ect? XD

roki977 says:

Those bullies love every punch and bite they get from those babies. If someone thinks that bothers or even hurt them, they are very wrong.


very dangerous …. Dumb people …. doing Crazy Dumb shit …. Inexcusable Morons

panthera50 says:

3.05 : creepy kid. 🙁

Zak jamac says:

Why let the dog lick the baby, it's very unhealthy and risky.. I know how much some people love dogs, but is pretty unhealthy..

Boriss Kuznec. says:

da…vse eto xorosho,no…raz na raz ne prixoditsja.sabaka ne predskazuema..

Annie says:

Soft and gentle dogs I don't agree with children pulling at them I would never let my children pull at there face it's ot right would you like the same thing done to you

Cheila says:

Quantas mães sem um pingo de higiene. Pobres crianças!

paolapitt says:

au,au, eh tudo de bom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!

Yamila Sosa De Regaldo says:


Mark Camara says:

Cute , cute .

Ignis Natura says:

oh yes its cute but the organism of the baby is weak with the bacteries from the dog

Thomas Reay says:

I love dogs in my opinion dogs prove that god loves us all so go rescue those dogs and cats out there

Jasmine says:

quite dogs and baby, but be carefully, a dog is not a toy. A dog is a animal

Anaclet Williams says:

Why do those dogs look like they have some sort of mental illness?

Florzinha Menina Super Poderosa says:

Quanto carinho 😄😄😄😄😄São maravilhosos 👶🐕😍😍😍😍😍

jwahh says:

Not seeing a stupid breed here. Opposite actually.

Alaskas Welt says:


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