Dog PLAYS DEAD to Avoid Going Home While Park Crowd Watches | The Dodo

Dog Plays Dead To Avoid Going Home | This dog refuses to leave the park — and the crowd is really invested in the outcome. Love Animals? Subscribe:

Credit: Kristen Bohlsen via JukinVideo (

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.


The Dodo says:

Thumbs this up if this dog is your definition of persistence!

YoLaGrande Deaqui says:

Does anyone know where this is??

khan pathan says:

Oh so clever but so cute😍😍😍😍

Aurora :3 says:

aww so cute💕💖💗🌹🌸

Mads Krogh Bänsch says:


Mia R. says:

doggo.exe has stopped working

Jonetha Hill says:

my dog does the exact same thing. ..Lol.. I just sit down with her instead of fighting… Lol..

music is love ee says:

Ohh i love this dog 😍

Weim VI says:

Bring a treat. That would do a trick.

Jules Mpc says:

That is sad….

DynaBlade 10 says:

This dog is a better performer than Justin Beiber and any other music or dance performer in the world

Decyferme says:

I will beat the hell out of the dog when we get home.

Larry B says:

that dog has a fucking attitude problem…..setting a terrible example to everybody… disappointed and hurt

KailaTheCovertOne says:

Too smart for their own good 😂

Apple yuki says:

Aww the cutest things ever ❤😀

Comic HB says:

You being bad?
take the collar / leash off

Erick Sanchez says:

Dog.exe stopped working

ida rani says:

Verry funny

Kelthius says:

I have anxiety if that was me I'd be embarrassed.

Jess Plays says:

Omg so cute!!! something my dog would do 😛

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