After this YOU’ll WISH TO HAVE A DOG – Funny DOG compilation

Dogs are the best animals ever! Watching funny dogs and trying to hold your laugh is the hardest challenge! Just look how all these dogs and puppies play, get along with cats, how they fail, make funny sounds, snore… So funny, ridiculous and cute! What is your favourite clip? 🙂 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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“Fensters Explanation” Kevin MacLeod (
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Veggie Burgah says:

The music is the only reason I don't subscribe. It's so annoying. Kinda reminds me of the piano dudes from family guy though.

Julia Paulus says:

Good video but the music is horrible🙄🙄🙄

Nehir Şen says:

I have a border collie he's 1 month old

Norehan Long says:

My brother has more than 15 cats of different breeds.

Norehan Long says:

I love animals. I have 3 cats at home. They are so adorable and fun to be with.

Eila Falk says:

Tack för titten! GULLIGT!

jeffrey ebio says:

sorry obout the "my"

jeffrey ebio says:

i have two dog and there so cute i cant stop watching theme every morning and night cuz my minpin cute my

Gabriela 111 says:

Some are funny, but after this I'm just glad I don;t have a dog.


What the hell. The first one ruined everything. The little shit. I would opt for spiders over 4 legged animals.

R MCK says:

Wonderful especially the last two dogs.

Andreas Wahlberg says:


Mary L. Vigil says:

They caught us

kylah Kohinor says:

i already have 5 dogs

tibra dama tv says:

I already have a GSD….she's adorable

Jake Van der Putten says:

I Did not wish i got it

Anastasia Channel says:


jssangel416 says:

1:04 looks like that bag lady puppet from The Labrynth lol

jp tab says:

omg WTF@ lady in pig costume letting the dogs bite at the teet sick ass weirdo. .

Sally Marks says:

nose estate anxiety wheel portrait suit can development trust style.

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