Dog Trick: Smiling :)

In this funny dog video, a pooch smiles on command. Can your dog do that?!

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PFG - 45 Ag. 042-IO says:

that does not look like a smile at all, I nearly piss my pants just by looking at him.

ironwolfF1 says:

Not working… :/

TheLovie999 says:

No flashlight was used, but a laser pointer…cruel, very cruel.

wheeler1 says:

somehow, I dont think he was smiling!

recterbert says:

Uhmmm. Kinda scary.

rmsolympic1 says:

Only difference was, instead of a dog collar, I wore a black bowtie:)

Deanna Johnson says:

That's what I was thinking he doesn't like the flashlight lol

Digvijay Singh says:

Remins me of Blade

GamingMom2004 says:

That wasn't a smile that was she is pissed off at the flast light!

Username says:

Cute? Lmfao thats scary as hell

nohopeleftforsanity says:

looks like me when someone tells me to smile when they try to take my picture

rofsjan says:

Angry smile 🙂

Jodiross89 says:

HAHAHAHAHHA That's awesome, I just bursted out laughing in my office hahahahahah

Tyler D says:

scary smile lol

Darrel Bryan says:

The dog is pissed.

MsNeek87 says:

That dog is NOT smiling, … one pissed off dog at what appears to be a torch

rmsolympic1 says:

Looks like my middle school picture

M Mitra says:

hahaha cute isnt it!

asd assd says:

How dare you to smile !!!


dont look like a smile to me 🙁

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