Two poor cats are in trouble because of the dog – Funny cats talking

This evil dog did something and now the cats are screwed 😛 Hope you like the video, please SUBSCRIBE and have fun!

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Amour Et Haine says:

From low to

BWAHHH balls

Amour Et Haine says:

Yeah we'll probably lose our


Nicolas Antonio Barria Barria says:

Now we are gonna lose our, BALLS!!!!!!!!(I died there XD)

bowie zhang says:

I hate youuuuu…

safe joe says:

hahahahahaha lol

YourRCBuddy says:

Quit confusing the K9

Josh Lee says:

I'm the right cat

NVT Fadhh says:

0:10 was the funniest too,cuz A BOO BOO!

Lanie Dy says:

love this video

kissinka says:

Not funny. this sucks, whoever finds this funny is a dumb idiot that sucks also, as this video does.

AJ Forever says:

It's funny and not funny at the same time

Sharon Bell says:

dog should bite the devil out of those nasty cats. they probably are strays on someone porch. the lives there.

Egija Maca says:

arrange look at the dog

Melanie Weiss says:

Hey can someone tell me if they meant a toy ball or…. U know

Kingkong Olaf says:

please make again

Samantha Spencer says:

the right one looks like gus my cat

CoolEm6188 video games and stuff says:

cats are better than dogs because dogs hate cats🐕x🐈

Danny Kanwar says:

Very creative. I loved it

Kaya Okazaki says:


Becky K says:

is all this true

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