The most crazy dog 5


DK Dempcey Knight DK says:

I have seen dogs do some weird things in 40 years, literally smile, bark words, howl words, understand complex commands, growl when playing, bite to to hold (not puncture) when playing,…but this ol' cap, when coming into contact with the video'er ,…Dando's reaction..I cannot get a read on Dando at all (not that there is a lot to go in the short videos of him). Where is Ceasar Millian when ya need em'? =p

Carlos Mc says:

danda danda jejejejejejejeje

Remo Sousa says:

One more time… Thanks!

Remo Sousa says:

Спасибо (Thanks)

Hans Wurst says:

Thumbs Up If You Want new Danda clips >Danda Reloaded 2011< 🙂

More Danda : D : D 😀

LuLuBelle Lemonpie says:

More Danda! Please?

Okay, thanks! Bye! 🙂

Remo Sousa says:

Hahaha! Thanks!

A Smelly Fish says:

darth vader with tail is back

80spopQueen says:

he looks cute without the snarling and the biting! i think he has a over protection issue he trying to protect his master (you) from his tail. LOL

Remo Sousa says:

I don't know, heheheehehe.. Thanks!

Remo Sousa says:

Thanks! Please, show to your friends, ok? Bye.

80spopQueen says:

what kind of dog is that?

Curtis Sy says:

imagine if he crashes into a wall 🙂

Remo Sousa says:

Ahaahahaha.. THanks! Please, show to your friends, ok?

Ilian RIVAS says:

you need Cesar the dog whisperer.

Remo Sousa says:

Thanks!, Please, show to your friends!

Remo Sousa says:

No, no… hahahaha. Please, show to your friends, ok? Thanks!

Remo Sousa says:

Your Welcome! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Remo Sousa says:

Yes! The only English word I know! Thanks! Hahahahaha!

waynestatewarriors says:

this dog is retarded

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