Cute Dog vs. Zombie Cat: Cute Dogs Maymo & Penny

Cute Dog vs. Zombie Cat: Cute Dogs Maymo & Penny
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Cute dogs Maymo & Penny battle an evil zombie cat. Watch these beagles’ funny reactions to an ugly zombie cat, and then watch how they tear it apart!


Protechtnical says:

My dog would run away

Gonzalo Suarez Saavedra says:

0:53 woff

Bhagwant Khaira says:


Pyro Shock_official says:

Hello ☺We was laughing sooo hard about ur Videos greetings from Switzerland

Kai fire 55 says:

This made me laugh so hard

chadergeist82 says:

Cool zombie cat too.

Luis ruiz says:


Cat fan 123 Bobcat says:

The zombie cat is just a puppet

OGIN says:

Penny!!! Omg!!!

Cat fan 123 Bobcat says:

I know it's fake because in the zombie cat you can a hand so the zombie cat is a puppet

Isa Wolf Lignelli Franco Marques says:

Wow is a cool video! LIIIIKKEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Maymo and Penny is so cute❀❀❀❀

pritha ghosh says:

i love maymo the monster killer doggoπŸ˜‚.carry on πŸ‘».

Sheetal Sutar says:

both doggis eyes so pretty

Rahul Saha says:

zombie cats also run away

Christpher R Fritz says:

OMG! I Haven't seen a Maymo video in a while! Where has he (you) been? This one wasn't very good. Where is Penny?

Jen C says:

OMG Penny what are you doing?? hehehehe

Susana AcuΓ±a says:

maya y el oso

Creep Killer says:

a zombie Dog really like zombie Dogs

Cat fan 123 Bobcat says:

The zombie cat is fake

Maddison jones says:


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