My Cat Saved My Son

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Frankie Alvarado says:


moreofawave says:

This makes me cry. Cry for your little boy who was clearly in trouble and then for the cat who in spite not being as strong as this dog (looks like a pitbull mix) put her little life on the line for her little human. <3 Inter species love/loyalty is something very precious. < 3

Jared Franzson says:

Don't fuck with cats, you will get fucked up.

Annita Thipharacksa says:

Good kitty bad dog

Xandaboy says:

Saw this on NatGeo wild, had to check it out, thank the lord your son is okay #Taratheherocat

BB Gergo says:

HΕ‘s macska

L. M. Shannon says:

I love both dogs AND cats but let's be honest,cats won that day big time.but really!what was wrong with that dog that made it attack someone????

delavalmilker says:

What would make a dog attack like that?

roman Bajza says:

what tha hell was wrong with that dog ?…ive never seen dog attack without being provoked thats weird

ironduke0775 says:

Cringer transforms into Battle Cat right in front of our eyes. 😁

Jaylen Richardson says:

the thing is, the dog doesn't really look like the agressive type to me. it reminds me of a lab mix. but then again, it could've been mixed with some random agressive breed (chow chow, etc.)

Jose Jimenez yellow 210 says:

i love dogs and cats when they are friends

Jose Jimenez yellow 210 says:

this was send to tomo news

Jesse Lee says:


Tiggi says:

and I thought dogs where men's best friend 😐

IO & OI 2 marcierski says:

cat do Hero!

Lacho Tacho says:

That was so funny how the cat ran up and scared the dog!!! i thought the cat was going to get hurt. I'm so glad it didn't

이승만 says:

μ„œν”„λΌμ΄μ¦ˆ λ³΄κ³ μ˜€μ‹  λΆ„?

μ€Όν•˜ says:

μ„œν”„λΌμ΄μ¦ˆ λ³΄κ³ μ™”μ§€μš”β˜…ν›„ν›„

PuppiezGamez says:

The dog's owner is dumb. They have to train a big and scary dog. I mean my dog is friendly and bits 2 times a year but that dog looks like its gonna bit 7 times an hour! This video is telling 2 facts :
1. Brave kitty
2. Train your dogs

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