YOU will CRY OF LAUGHING While WATCHING THIS Ultimate funny Animals VINES

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Marilyn Newman says:

I love the way goats wag their tails when they head butt. They must really, really like it.

billy Bonnie 1234 says:

I loved the part where the cat wouldn't share its food

watchgoose says:

fake thumbnail

WherePets says:


X Gen says:

I admit I did laugh at the part with the dog twirling the baby around in the walker.

Pia Hansen says:

And a lot of people call animals dumb ????

bianca mardones molina says:


neworleans39 says:

bulls set on fire peta dot org sign action alerts for animals

Ī£ĻĪ¹c says:


Mike Roberts says:

I came here just to see how many people didn't laugh.

monju islam says:

lol awesome…

friendinspirit says:

Title clearly false advertising

Winona Rice says:

I only like the pets in the video thst was it

Dorien Clifford says:

This vines?? Learn correct English, cunt. And vines are only a few secs long.

Dian Adams says:

baby needs a helmet…..

Nash1a says:

At 8:47, Why did the chicken cross the horse? "Because the Horse crossed me. It was payback baby!"

Zachdddmc Yorkshire was says:

I was laughing so hard I almost died

Darcy Dabels says:

I'm crying on how cute that goat at the beginning was

Khoa Pham says:

It so funny šŸ¤£šŸ˜±

summer 夏 says:


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