Top 10 Funny Dog Videos – Funny Dogs 2017

Here’s a top 10 funny dogs or funny videos of funny dogs. Nothing like some funny dog videos to make us laugh. Dogs are so hilarious. Try not to laugh while watching these dogs and puppies being cute and funny.

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Archin5000 says:

The owner tells the dog about food)

Connie McFeely says:

you are right…. very funny and I enjoyed them all…. thanks for sharing 👏👏👏

Илья Лозинский says:

не понятно зачем надо было собаку по траве волокм за поводок тащить

Laura King says:

Your videos are awesome.

Donna Murtagh says:

So funny😇😃😂😆😅

TheHimmi50 says:

The intro ruins it everytime for me

Moncsi 13 says:

This video is best funny😂!

thechico1979 says:

Charlie was pouting, lol

Shinga Kalee says:

this video is best funny .

Dr king says:

been here since day one

Dr king says:

can i get a shotout

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