Best Dog Videos of the Year 2017

Happy National Dog Day! We’re celebrating all the best dogs, puppies, doggos, good boys/girls of the year (so far)! Watch these cute dogs eating, doing tricks, and just being too adorable!

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Kenya Beckford says:


xGamerDragon says:

Why do we deserve these animals

Bernie Chodkiewicz says:

Please, Please The names of these songs, I want to play them for my funeral so I will need them sooner than later. What a wonderful video, had everything. Thank You.

Kotabelle Dixie says:

Can someone please tell me the name of the songs???

Evon Williams says:

Oh this is really to cute and funny

Cookie the Cat says:

The music makes this video so beautiful

Jsjs Bsbbe says:

U honestly made me cry

Darney Sok says:

It's making me cry😓😭😘👍👏💓

SearthianMidnight says:

anyone found the name of the second song yet??

BBrose42 says:

I NEED to know the name/s of these/this song/s!!! @ThePetCollective please help!

Jakomi of the Rose says:

Man's best friend indeed. Best pets ever.

JL says:

Song name please!!!

lamb sauce says:

i know exactly why im crying in the club rn

Julia _ says:

Sooo cute😍😍😍❤️

arena thouna says:

0.43 I love that dog. Not a single is bad. Best collection.

yureaddiswhy says:

if there was a disease for seeing cuteness, i would have died instantly.

Fruit500 says:

Chinese got their forks ready

AleeshaBeck says:

That's definitely one of the sweetest videos this channel has ever done, if not THE sweetest.

Shaelyn Miller says:

Whoever disliked this is probably a Jake Pauler tbh

thefudgestix says:

What's the song called? I wish songs and art used were credited to people….

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