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Best Animal Videos: Rescued Fox Loves Her Dog; This Cat Is Just A Little Bit Different, But His Mom Adores Him; Penguins Are Having SO Much Fun With These Bubbles; Beagle Loves Food; Abandoned Puppy is BFF with Therapy Pig

Rescued Fox Loves Her Dog
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This Cat Is Just A Little Bit Different, But His Mom Adores Him
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Penguins Have Fun With Bubbles
Footage provided by Caters TV:

Beagle Loves Food
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Abandoned Puppy is BFF with Therapy Pig
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The Dodo says:

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Chris F says:

Not sure I'd want to have a wild animal, but they ARE adorable!

neonia hazelwood says:

One billion loves !

Sooo Squishy says:


mfvmt - says:

Fur farms should be bombed with all the bosses and workers in it. Not even kidding

Twighlight_ foxy3 says:

The Fox reminds me of Ron Ron who else agrees?

R.I.P Ron Ron

Suzannah Rogers says:

It's one of my favorite childhoid movies!! The Fox and the Hound!!

Blue Dragon Shin-ah says:

I have social anxiety, and, this video helps me a lot. It's AMAzing to see beautiful animals play together. I love watching your videos, Dodo.

W. C. Orielly says:

My new favorite channel…👍😁

Manatee Man says:

He has the patience of a saint for that fiesty vixen. Very cute.

Manga Panda says:

the dog always is just like go away…

Dontnoticemeh says:

2:28 i found my soulmate

snarfflarf says:

Ok I don't know what the hell a therapy pig is but whatever it is I NEED ONE

Panos Lehouritis says:

I wish we could take all mammals out of the food chain, look at them.

denniswq says:

She seems to have been friendzoned, actually.

Nekoszowa says:

This is the perfect example that foxes are in fact cat-dogs.

Wolfyxx Galaxy says:

my best friends are my kitty's 🙂 they always like me and never hurt me and its perfect to have kittens/cats

Pro 360* Player Of cpic says:

wish my fox can do that

CateSimulate says:

All your videos make me so happy!!! Thank you for all your time and effort to upload them ♥♥♥

Ben Larsen says:

Isn't Jupiter a boy's name?

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