Jealous Dogs Want Attention From Their Owners Videos Compilation 2017

Jealous Dogs Want Attention From Their Owners Videos Compilation 2017
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Rohit Mehta says:

I love jealous dogs

Gian carlo Agabon says:


ICU says:

second dog. nails way too long. shame on the fucking owners!

Kasih darmantoni says:


rambo bo says:

3:06 😂👌👌👌

Tomas Kuli says:

That my dog. I call her the hand bandit and the belly bandit.

Puja Das says:

😀😀😀😀😀nothing to say…… Cute swt lvly naughty

Raj Veer says:

Hahahhahahahhaha kids

Gabriela Desvaldi says:

Lola e Ìndra, The Best!

Odittie Munedzimwe says:

3 .04 Aaaaw sweeeet

Indonesia The Best says:

Anjing jga gk trima yah di pilih ksih sayang 😁

A Librian says:

2:24 That dog looks pregnant

lenuta barbacaru says:

Dogs are the best thing that ever happened to humans!

Venus Versoza says:

I don't even have a dog I'm the one who's jealous

;-; ;-; ;-;

MANU ROKZ 911 says:

Lol the cats are like who cares😝😝

Amy lea says:

thats y i hate n love dogs🐶

Ajeng Preciosa says:

Cute Akita… 😘😘😘

Pandalily Star says:

That happen to my dogs before

Alfredo 123 says:

1:52 what the hell. dog and cat has black eye. turning green light

Victory Amazing says:

Aww! All the dogs are like "Notice me, Owner – Senpai!"

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