Dachshund dog hot dance

My very first video was a compilation of all tricks that I know! This video is still popular. But it is not good enough for 2017. Also it is too long!
Because of that I make some kind of remake… In my modern style, with great music!
In this video are not all the tricks that I know, but the best for a hot hot dog dance!
Are you ready for some bongo shlongo??? Lets go!
Music: Cecil Jonni Lauro – Buckle Up ‘n’ Chuggeluck
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Kiara Kandasami says:


V A I R U M says:

Вау, действительно зажигательный! Почему-то, когда это видео вышло мне не пришло уведомление(((

Funny life of the dachshund says:

У меня тоже такса😃😍

Funny life of the dachshund says:

LOve, Love,Love Din😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Manny Green says:

Love …. 😍😍

Bettie Molenkamp says:

That dog is a great dancer and so cute

Mary Ann Carreon says:


Julie Norton says:

Now that. Is adorable…. What a dude…😊🕺🐶🐾 x

The Smoothe Store says:

Well done Doxie Din, plus your Mom is talented to do the dance on heels without tripping over you!

BEAVIS says:

Such a handsome boy.

Walrus Seal says:

I'm about to say it

Ruth McGhie says:

Fantastic video Doxie Din. .you can teach me how to dance..very clever 💓

brianita martinez says:

Loveeee 😀😀😍😍😍😍

Burmese - says:

Hello Din! loved your video, im having a hard time, i got a cold and im my nose and head is giving me a hard time, can you wish me a good recovery ? thanks sausage!

sithlord1626 says:

Fantastic…like i always say doxie din is amazing, and btw nice heels 🙂

TheTeacher1020 says:

What a beautiful, talented dachshund! And a smooth dancer!

Marlie says:

I love it. 💕💕💕 so very handsome.😘😘

holandzkie zycie says:

ale fajny piesek:)

V Blondin says:

Bet there are lots of guys wishing they were this dog ha ha. So cute.

Gavin Rebol says:

Congrats you have exactly 1000 subs

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