Cute and Funny Big Dogs Thinks They’re Lap Dog Compilation 2017

Cute and Funny Big Dogs Thinks They’re Lap Dog Compilation 2017
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Vonn Bonnn says:

they should rename the video calling it, why big dogs are amazing

Bakar Waaree says:

Would you mind if i share your product as wel as reuse for my channel?
How do i get your peemission.

robdog15001 says:

nice musica!

منوعات العالم says:


Ivan Porto says:

So nice lol

Wenza 3 says:

thanks for stealing my heart.

you thief. 😉

Marnie Larocque says:

Hi guys, you have made my day thanks for sharing i have pugs not near as big but love their laps and hugs

Noah Wolfgram says:

You know the dog is big, when you can no longer see the person it is sitting on

Lumaaa Diz Oi says:

Dude, I don't know how to tell you this… that is not a dog, it's a freakin' bear!

Laura Hewitt says:

My dog wieghs 11 stone / around 75kg and she launches herself from across the room to sit on your knee

Manisha Kapruwan says:

all adorable….

Pork money says:

…I saw a lot of happy faces- humans and K-9s

Sangwan Phasomwong says:

They like kid.

Drew Ahrens says:

You want to see true, unrivaled love? Just watch these dogs.

Wise Gaming says:

The guy at 0:57 GOD DAYUM thats a lot of poop to pick up

Ninjahaz 01 says:

3:31 that dog looks like mine lol. Can anyone tell me what breed it might be or mixed with? Cause I still don't know what mine is fully

deondre Pilk says:

I love big dogs.

Ultimate Keyboard Warrior says:

im pretty sure this is their way of dominating you

Lesly Hernandez says:

I saw the thumbnail and was like LOL

Enlighten Me says:

big dummies 😂😂

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