Dog Protecting Baby Dog Compilation-He Doesn’t Allow Anything to Hurt the Baby

Dog Protecting Baby Dog is not only a pet but also a good friend Compilation NEW.
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Charfha Charfa says:


Raul Tanglao says:

Why they are alllowing ur baby kiss by the dog, put ur lovely baby into danger because of the rabbish where the dog has..

WolfiePlayzSomethingGood Legacy Of Discord says:

I want those dogs

brs brs says:

I hate when people let their dogs lick their baby's face and mouth, considering dogs lick their own private areas.

Maria ezbela Matillino Maria ezbela Matillino says:

Ang ganda naman

Shaamshany Shany says:

Dongs have very dangerous jerms in their mouth and tounge. Pkease , be careful

KingM MM says:

Fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Angela Beckett says:

These ppl think it's funny that there dogs snap ect…. When they are near their baby??? It's not a good behaviour nd it's dangerous to allow it? Things could change so quickly. Stupid ppl you have no idea what your doing and shouldn't have dogs.

Malka Ringel says:

Makes one think about the impact babies interacting with our 4 legged friend has ……. Dogs protect n fiercly!!! Enjoyed video. Thanks.

Sakshi Chinchole says:

Why will anyone leave a baby on the track n filming it pathetic people

Yve Parizz says:

As lovely as these dogs are lovely and protective of these babies goodness don't let them lick the babies face and mouth!

Bobby Madera says:

this parents must been smoking some shit to do
something like this animals are unpredictable
yours DESERVES go-to jail.for shit like this putting the life from this child in dangerous

Nadya Rossi says:

Dogs are amazing! I wish we treated them and all other animals so much better.

Bossy Bitch says:

not surprised a lot of these dogs are "shepherds"…. Interesting. Love animals and dogs esp. wish it was safe to have all dogs with babies like this. but one bite can be total devistation.

Tracy Montoute says:

I hate seeing Dogs lick babies… doesn't matter how clean u think ur dog is… it's still a dog carrying it's own bacteria in its mouth..

Jenny Marie Sealongo says:

Hah?how could mother likes this things happen to her baby!?its not safe and healthy way of taking care baby.ahh..just for fun?not funny!!

The Charlie & Ardy Show says:

I was so horrified to see a tiny baby on a train track with a train in sight and no other people only a dog around that I clicked on the video to find out HOW that could happen and it was not the top story so I fast forwarded it and never found that story in the video at all! False advertising about what is on the video! Did you put a baby on a train track to get your thumbnail picture? You don't have a story about it. WTF? Cashing in on people's shock ? How far are you willing to go with the life of a defenseless baby??? Maybe the train was parked. Maybe you feel smart fooling the masses. I don't appreciate you mis-leading me. Please note that in your brain. I expect truthful from you. It may be a high standard but you can do that and still make money from your YouTube channel. Even you will feel better about yourself and people won't be mad at you like I am right now! Please don't ever do that again! Sincerely, Ardy, (from The Charlie & Ardy Show on YouTube)

Mike Thompson says:

max should get what ever he wants for Christmas what a dog

jennifer Ervin says:

I love dog and I having one but I don't trust the animal near and lick my baby.

Rudina Lumi - W G Davis Sr PS (1573) says:

I really like the part where the german shepard licked that boys hand
The on with the blonde hair

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