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A smart dog saves the two stranded dogs against the flowing river. The dogs are stranded inside a boat. And it saves, you have to watch this amazing video.
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Golden Retriever wants to play fetch with this decorative Halloween skeleton. SUBSCRIBE TO KYOOT!: Watch More Animal Videos at: Like us on FACEBOOK: Kyoot delivers your daily fix of LOL pet clips [More]
The typical play dead dog trick however, my pug adds her own embellishment… a dramatic stumble before she falls. Lelu the pug is a year old in this video….
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Since the beginning of time, dog’s worst enemy has always been the couch. AFV presents a brand new comp of the funniest videos of dogs failing to jump on and off the couch! Check out [More]
We all love seeing our dogs calm and happy, but why not give them a helping hand with the music from Relax My Dog! Relax My Dog are experts in creating relaxing music to help [More]
Chihuahuas can be angry little monsters sometimes, but this music will help them to relax. Relax My Dog are experts in creating relaxing music to help calm your dog and help dogs to sleep. Our [More]
TV for Dogs, Nature Footage for Dogs, Relaxing Music for Dogs! Help Stressed Dogs and Puppies Sleep! 🐶💤 – Relax My Dog are experts in creating relaxing music and tv to help calm your dog [More]
‘A cautious cat tries to stay dry until his cover is blown!’ Don’t forget to SHARE + SUBSCRIBE! CREDITS Directed by: Simon Tofield Animation: Sarah Airriess Clean Up: Aude Carpentier Assistant Clean Up: Jonathan [More]
Mason is an ancient, battle-scarred feral cat with advanced kidney disease. Instead of euthanasia, we felt he deserved to live his sunset months in comfort, free from pain. What happened next will make your heart [More]

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