Funny dog gets stuck with a stick


mummyjohn says:

Wagging tails are like boobs. They make idiocy acceptable

Will Pack says:

That made my day. Thanks for sharing the vid.

Brianna H. says:

Poor dog he wants to get thorough and wants the stick and is cold out

tikiy3 says:

Yay, we have a mood killer.

Paul Broderick says:

Why attach a political label to a poor animal?

Fischauto says:

this dog must be an Obama supporter

Martín Lehoczky says:

I know! Dog's are awesome. 🙂

Misty Groves says:

That was so funny! Glad there was a happy ending. I used to say to my dog "bet you can't get through with that stick"….she'd gaze at me, and turn the stick sideways…I kid you not!!

Laurens-Hendrik Jürgensen says:

hahahahaha !!!

McCann Dogs says:

Gotta love the wagging tail at the ending:)

kiera davis says:

That's mean at least u helped the dog

koma ishikawa says:


Craycraylolzer01 says:

Thats cruel

Martín Lehoczky says:

Of course. Go ahead! 😉

MyLaughBlast says:

Good one, we'll add it to our site if thats ok with you

amy zienkowicz says:

Awwww hes such a cutie xx Blesa him xx

Ozilia Green says:

0:41 – 0:46 chewbaka !!

Sophie Goode says:

That is to good 🙂

2012Anon2012 says:

"that's cruel"

david stewart says:

That's dog probably would have did the same

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