Cats Vs Dogs: Which Makes a Better Pet?

There’s no doubt that people love cats and dogs – but does one stand out over the other? Welcome to, and in this episode of Versus we’re comparing the domestic cat with its canine counterpart, the domestic dog to see which is the perfect pet. Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Suggestion Tool►► Channel Page►►

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Jackie Lendel says:

Cats actually love outdoors

Kevin Owens says:

A dog is better if you have a child because they would probably give it more love than an adult because an adult is always busy in the morning but at night they To tired to have fun yet Children give it love and plays with it every morning and night

Cats Are good for busy people because you don't have to take care of it that much but isn't as active as a dog because they are just lazy cute animals

I prefer dogs as they are cute and there more active than a cat also cats keep people up in night time By meowing so
Dogs also I have a son called owen and I got him a dog (husky)

Jim Jack336 says:


Clorox Bleach says:

Fuck you all, arguing over a fucking animal. Dogs and cats are equally amazing. Cancerous bitches. If you like dogs better and hate cats so much that you always want to fucking complain about them, go die. Same goes vice versa. This goes more towards dog people, as cat people are softer about their opinions. Most dog people are like "DOGS ARE SO MUCH BETTER WHY WOULD YOU LIKE CATS". Of course, this is directed towards their age and self plus status more, as not everyone is like this. Anyways, cats (and some dogs) are getting abused everyday. Cats are also very underrated and ignored. So lets settle it as this, my friends;
*T H E Y A R E E Q U A L L Y G O O D O M F G


See's winner immediately unsubed

Gamerboy 69 says:


Ashley Leiva says:

Cats rule!!!!!

Spy Jon Sachurin says:

Not surprised that dogs won. We began taming them 12000 years ago and they had so much longer to get used to us. Cats have been with us for 4000 years, so yeah dogs definitely are probably going to win every cat vs dog video. Unless we're going by crazy cat person logic: then cats clearly win. Another category should be how much can you handle, and you can very easily care for 5+ cats while having more than two dogs can be a handful

Jose Javier says:

cats suck dogs are way better than filthy backstabbing unlovable cats

Zeus The Dog Vlogs says:

i like both, but dogs can do more than cats so i like dogs a bit better

ANNA SWEETSmeme:3 says:

Cats win. FOR ME OFCOURSE cats are the best and you are not gonna shit on me and say that dogs win cuz every animal is amazing by it self :3

Chloe Me says:

Why is it always that when I watch cat VS dog videos the dog always wins

Sally Kitten says:

A cat is a friendly to anmols

Mazda 787B says:

Winner: drumrolls TARANTULAS! Lol JK i Like them both but doggos a bit more but Hey both Are good

Ciaran_M says:


Supie Gamer says:

Personally I prefer cats because they usually live longer and that means that I will have a friend longer also cats are usually more intelligent and are independent and that's what I want I like sport a lot and I don't really go out unless I do with my friends and cats also like sport and I know that dogs do too but I had both and I prefer the cat that's just my opinion

Blowman s'Channel says:


Rose&Dolls says:

People always say cats don't love you and hate you and don't care about you but that's not true. Some cats may be like that but not even half. Some dogs even might be like that so I am a cat person but what's wrong with liking both?

The Cat Stone says:

So, dogs won which they really shouldn't have! Cats are WAYYYYY better than dogs! Cats are cute, soft and all in all a really fantastic animal! Cats are just so kind, and a truly beautiful animal! To all the dog lovers congrats you weridos. To all my fellow cat lovers, cats are WAYYYYY awesome.

Edvards Dūks says:

Cats are cute and dogs are………

cute and both are amazing

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