US Marine Surprise His Beagle Dog
Compilation of soldier Homecoming videos. Homecoming videos in my channel may appear in Good Morning America,World news ,ABC and KTLA 5 news channels .For any details please contact me.

US Marine surprise his Beagle dog .



CATHY M says:

Oh what a precious moment for both of these guys. Buddy is adorable, you can see all the love he has for his daddy, it is a very heartfelt video, it really touched my heart, thanks so much for sharing, I love it 👍

Maximus Vetti says:

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Maximus Vetti says:

Jesus is Lord

Maximus Vetti says:

Ohh how lovely.

Maximus Vetti says:

See the thing that God will s And deos

david macdonald says:

Lovely stories

peter pan says:

And tell Daddy, what mum doing the last month

misfitramone says:

that is by far one of the cutest videos ever! i miss my beagle! his name was buddy also! my friend passed away from stomach cancer but when he was alive he had a beagle as well named Hercules and that's how they acted when they hadn't seen each other in a while they were great together!

Greg Hunt says:

that unconditional love. sweet video 🙂

kathy redmann says:

Awww, true unconditional love.😍

G+ is terrible says:

First 10 seconds of the video is the longest a beagle has ever gone without barking.

Thunder Storm says:

very very very beautyfull dog!!!

Chris says:

Hard to tell whether daddy is home or not. Wish she had verbalized it more.

Kathy Smith says:

all dogs are awesome!!!

Brandon Hagan says:

Why is the camera sideways?!

Semir Z says:

daddy's home?????

Jay R Richard says:

JOhn Fucking Wick Got me here!
Now I want a Beagle!

Choke GT says:

How dogs loves people 🙂

Kajda Beagle says:

…so loving!

jecapeter says:

"Yaay!! Daddy!! Daddy home!!! Daddy home!!!! Missed you sooo much!!! Look, Daddy home!!!"
sooo sweet

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