Ann and her pets, funny pocket monkey and dog- NEW VIDEO COMPILATION 2017


Lisa Marie says:

Adorable 💜💜💜😘

K Higgins says:

What are the names of these pocket monkeys Ann has?

HillCo Monkey says:

Ann is such a sweet little girl and has a great zoo. Very cute.

Gail Lenard says:

Oh goodness you have the most beautiful little girl!

RustyAnne Yakel says:

That's a gorgeous Golden! And Anne is a total little doll…

K Higgins says:

Love your videos! Ann is so cute walking her dog! 😇 beautiful girl and dog

susan brown says:

Why's a child got that advertised on a T shirt..this woman hasn't a clue.
Feel sorry for all theses animals.

Gina Powell says:

I watched a Japanese show the other day where in Japan they approached Japanese people on the street and in a mall who had T-shirts, hats, jackets, bags etc that had English words or phrases on said clothing. Evidently many Japanese people would wear items with English writing on it because it was "cool" to wear such items but they actually has absolutely no idea what it said or what it's meaning was…and they would then tell these people what it said and meant and most of them were embarrassed and shocked by what they themselves were wearing (example one girls shirt said naked lady and another said something that implied the girl was "loose and slutty" , one said I am selfish and love it . Seeing this little tiny girl in a shirt that says "Beer cigarettes" and whatever the last part was made me think of that. This woman has no idea what this shirt she has on her kid says!

Diversity for Israel says:

She a gud gurl !!! She dindu nuffin !!!!

Denise Fox says:

Love the scooter

Denise Fox says:

He's hot needs water

Denise Fox says:

What a special dog

Denise Fox says:

Aww love is great

Gabby Perez says:

Ann and her dog are cute!! I love those videos! 😁

Brian Leonard says:

The monkey wearing "BEER CIGARETTES CANDY" T shirt..while eating cake WITH icing ..WOW! LOL

abigdumb gayidiot says:

Aw, look how healthy and happy that dog is! He's wagging his tail, he's relaxed, his coat is in tact, he's allowed to walk around on four legs, he isn't dressed in a dumb human costume… shit, they might be feeding him real doggy chow! Wow!

It's almost like dogs have been bred over tens of thousands of years for domesticity and human companionship! What a concept!

William Buck says:

Such personality little ann is quite a character just wish i could speak Chinese so i could understand all of whats going on 😉

wendy ward says:

I love your dog!!! I don't like kids to much but I do love dogs !!!!

Rita Neale says:

Awe Ann and her pets are so gorgeous , she is a little star * 😀🐶🐒🐒

Picket Fence says:

I don't know who I feel sorrier for. The kid or the animals.

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