Dog Loves America’s Funniest Home Videos

In this funny dog video by AFV Animals, This little pup has a hilarious reaction to Mr. Tom Bergeron.


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Felicia Hägg says:

Lovely pug who is funny as fuck

Galactic Gaming says:

This is the most iconic video on AFV

ShaDHP23 says:

Love the faceplant

Ichimatsu Trash says:

My tea went through my nose fuuuuu

Marauder Shields says:

the other dog at 0:32 is like "wtf dude?"

Uppishthunder 38 says:

ok thats not weird at all lol 

Jarrett Bregler says:

Dog =girl , AFV=One direction

Raskahmuskarov Glorbinstackenshire says:

That dog did a major fan girl scream lol

DJ says:

dogs are not a bit cute

Christian Becher says:


J.J Slam says:

I remember watching this on t.v. didn't that dog win? ( so cute <3)

GalaxyKane says:

Damn fan-dogs

Sakonema says:

Makes such a lovely noise.

MindOverMatt says:

I did not subscribe to this channel, yet it is on my list, odd

Isabel Hernandez says:

Puppy wants to be famous !!!!

ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ says:

 มันอินมากมาย 55555

Anonymous says:

That dog wants to meet the dogs in the tv.

Ampelfreund says:

the dog hate America's Funniest Home Videos!

Dymeczka says:

The correct reaction :))

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