Christmas Puppy Surprise Reactions Compilation [CUTE – BEST OF]

Check out the reactions of these kids and adults when getting cute puppies as a gift or present for Christmas. Puppy videos of Puppies Xmas presents opening. You can find other puppy videos on the channel and also funny dogs and funny dog videos compilation, as dogs are one of the funniest animals.

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Hazel Neal says:

I got a dog hor my birthday

Deni&Ali says:

6 Years i doesn't found my Puppy (2011) 🙁 and i need a new puppy 🙁

Bleach Daily says:

Makes me even more depressed but I'm happy for them

Andrea Civardi says:

Forever traumatised puppies…

little carrie says:

one the first video, the puppy doesn't wanna be hear rn

Kawaii Unicorn says:

I hate when one kid is holding the puppy and some other kid takes the puppy away from them so they can hold it and keep the puppy for themselves!😡


These kids are so fucking ugly when they get surprised and cry wish I would fucking kill myself

Brookie cookie O'mahony says:

My dog is like one

Abby DIY Queen says:

I fell bad for the puppy because the kids are yelling so loud and it probably hurts there ears

Sharrow the NightWing says:

By the second clip I was close to crying

Tech world says:

My profile picture is my puppy anna

BTS infires me 16 says:

OMG. I cried with them😭

Douch Mush says:

I hope all the puppies die in peace

Ege Fidancı says:

Ne kadar şanslı çocuklar var keşke bizdede Noel olsa happy 🎉

Janik Hänsel says:

A Puppy in a package wtf whats wrong with this humans

NothingMaster says:

Puppies are too dang cute to be allowed.

Addie Amezcua says:

This is so sweet


Why do the kids always scream when they see the dog?

Kennedy Alexis Vlogs says:

The pug at 1:12 was so cute

Memes Rules! says:

Poor puppies getting screamed at…..

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