My son is relentless in his attack on my pit bull. Baby boy obviously has no regard for my Pitties’ personal space. I mean the baby is viscious, attacking the mouth, eyes, and ears of my Pit Bull.


ThaRedPitbull-Mix says:

The people leaving stupid comments are people that came to see a Pit-Bull be aggressive. They are mad that they didn't get their fix.

Sierra MatchKing says:

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick,tick, tick,tick, tick,…..BOOM!

TheGreatJunkHeapFlower says:

>_> You know sometimes animals will lick to control them selves from biting. Not saying for sure that this dog isn't showing affection to this child. But he/she may not like a human baby/child crawling, climbing, and grabbing their body/face. For the safety and respect for both child & dog, children need to be taught that dogs are not toys or furniture.

Tish Coad says:

The dog doesn't fucking like it are u thick the baby should not be allowed in the dogs bed full stop

big patmo says:

That dog is sitting there looking at zeke like"help me!"

KoG GoK says:

i wonder if this is why the dog i got off CL hates kids. everytime she sees one she tries to eat it. 

Samuel Keller says:

i have a pit boxer

SmokeJuly says:

I see the point your trying to make but you shouldn't let a child do this with any dog.

Hova The Roc says:

Love this one Zeke!

OG POWER says:

I seriously hope the victim is okay , that vicious baby look like it did lots of damage on the poor hopeless animal 😜 jk

fairybox1111 says:

That is a nice head on a baby. I think the baby will turn out to be a very good and muscular breed. <3

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