Dog Transformation After Kids Cover Puppy in Glue | Best Animal Videos | The Dodo Daily Ep 19

Best Animal Videos Today include: Puppy Transformation after Kids Cover Dog in Glue; Cow Can’t Stop Jumping For Joy; Cat Can’t Stop Putting Her Arms In The Air; Baby Elephant Gets Stuck Upside Down; Pittie Rescued From Dogfighting Finds The Perfect Mom

Puppy Transformation after Kids Cover Dog in Glue
To help Pascal’s rescuers save other dogs, you can support He’Art of Rescue International:

Cow Can’t Stop Jumping For Joy
To sponsor the ongoing care of Diane the rescued cow, you can support Farm Sanctuary: Follow them on Facezbook for updates on her happy new life: 

Cat Can’t Stop Putting Her Arms In The Air
Keep up with this adorable goal-keeping cat, Keys on Instagram: and Facebook:

Baby Elephant Gets Stuck Upside Down
Footage provided by Animal Planet. Subscribe to Animal Planet’s YouTube channel.

Pittie Rescued From Dogfighting Finds The Perfect Mom
To help Rebecca save more dogs, you can support the Stand Up For Pits Foundation: 

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Karma Tech. says:


Vo Max says:

the kids who coverd the dog in glue deserve to be in jail

el shaddai says:

I'm Gonna Eat The Heart Of Those Kids Who Did This To That Beautiful Little Dog

Artistic potato says:

I have come to a conclusion. DON'T LET KIDS UNSUPERVISED AROUND ANY ANIMALS AT ALL! seriously first the kids who painted there kitten now this!?! What in the world are people thinking! WATCH YOUR KIDS!

60 subs For no reason? says:

Those idiot kids should be covered in glue and dipped in mud to see how they like it

Castillo Larissa says:

Those kids deserve a beating in the butt human race is so garbage😡

Jeanette Winkleson says:

Pfft let's cover those kids in glue, role 'em in mud and put them in a box to die. People are mean

Cristian Calvillo says:

How about we euthanize those kids instead

Lazy Gamer says:

Kids are demons some times

Alex S says:

those kid are little nasty b***

CherryBomb says:

Whats wrong with kids these days?! So cruel…

xDragonSpirit says:

if i ever find these kids, ill beat the hell out them.

(im sorry if i start i war in the replies, its just that i hate every cruel human being, and i love animals.)

G-Boy says:

i know the kids were dicks but why want them dead? thats actually worse than covering a dog in glue.

tl:dr wishing death on small children is dickish

ps. talking to the comments .-.

Krimzon _ says:

Those kids need to get grounded for their lives
Lives you get only one shot at
Think the way you would like to treated

Live_Wire says:

Stupid fucking kids

This Is Kibble says:

Damn… kids are stupid..

But I laughed at the cow that couldn't stop jumping😂😂

ann miller says:

I'm sure I read somewhere that this happened in Turkey so the likelihood of anything happening to these feral brats is remote. Unfortunately dogs in Muslim countries have a very hard time. Thank God his rescuers got to him in time to save his life. What kind of adults will these children become when they are already so dehumanized and cruel..

World of Warships Catastr0phic says:

Human beings are so fucking cruel.

Fuzzy Pigeon says:

I have concern for those kids. That's like, psychotic behavior there.

golden trash girl says:

This warmed my heart to know that people will go a long way to save one animals life ❤

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