Happy dogs welcome home owners

Welcome Home video – Happy dogs welcome home their owners. Make sure your dogs are always there to greet you when you come home – get your dogs microchipped and keep your contact details up to date. #LoveMyDog #NMM

Image – Heidi Spiers / The Kennel Club ©

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Suppy e says:

wish my dog done that

traydevon says:

Mental disorders a-hound, er abound.

Auzlairia Fox Lee 68 says:

my dog died last year 😔 3 months old and her name is Akee Lee 😔
she's been hit by a car.. 😡

awesomeferret says:

I'm a little miffed about basically being lied to here. I told Crufts that I would ONLY allow the use of my video if I got my work cited. The person that I was talking to from Crufts agreed. I have the written emails to prove it too. Not only did they break my terms, but they didn't credit ANYONE who contributed to this video! Please, Crufts. Cite your sources.

BTW, I love this video! 🙂

Lane Whisenhunt says:

What's that song

Le monde de Marianne says:

Mon moment préféré de la journée voir ma chienne heureuse de me retourver

Andi Kaye says:

I spend all day with my dog and he even gets excited if I'm gone an hour. Man best friend more like family 🙂

See my channel to meet my dog kobee

Tracy Rousell says:

Very proud that our two K-9 Angels Thai Meat Trade rescues feature in this video twice (3 secs and 28 secs).  So happy that they are helping to raise awareness.

Anna Litticle says:

Awwwww…I should set up a camera to capture my four shortly before I or someone else walks through the door. The only one who doesn't aaaaalways come rushing to greet even if he's inside when you get home is the Brittany who's almost 10 years old, because occasionally he might be a little too tired or stiffish to go all crazy…but he still usually does, and he's definitely super-happy to see you. He goes mad when too many people are missing. :'3

And those Poodles are so beautiful…!!!

koo44m says:

Adorable. Especially if you have a very stressful job, you know you can come home to a loving hug from a dog that can cheer you up any day 🙂

Charlie the dog and baby Laura says:

Dogs are always happy when you come back home……doesn't matter how bad your day was they always make you feel better

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