Adorable dogs welcoming owners

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my angel kyunie says:

oh no im gonna cry.
ok im crying

Whats Up says:

Man's best friend.

Donna Leon says:

OWNING A DOG IS having a friend for ever

Michael Schlaht says:


erik lindström says:

loyal and lovely animals

TheSoprah says:

i am fucking tired and I need to wake up early.. but this is just too.. heart warming

Andrea Altgayer says:

My dog does this to me every night when I come home.It's the cutest thing ever, and it''s impossible not to melt!

redXlled says:

thats why animals is better than humans
did anyone see or hear about a dog loves you but don't shows that cause it wants you to keep loving it more

Morten Andersen says:

These dogs are actually just relieved to have their social anxieties relieved by some actual, living friendship and company.

Lets see some "cute and adorable" posts of prisoners kept in solitary confinement.
It´s the same thing for dogs as for humans, being kept in solitary..
Take your dog everywhere

c0cksmak says:

That's why dogs rock! They're like I LOVE YOU YOU ROCK MAN WELCOME HOME YOU"RE THE BEST PERSON ON THE PLANET> And we're like no dude You rock. Cuz sometimes you just need that genuine happy welcome when you get home

el7dian says:

Wonderful video! My dog acts the same way when I'm back home. They are so cute when they are overwhelmed with excitement!

Colleen Malvina says:

First comment.
First view.
Adore this video

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