Most Photogenic Dog Ever? Best Animal Videos on YouTube | The Dodo Daily Ep. 11

Best Animal Videos include: Happy Husky Is Always Smiling; Dog Loves Going On Adventures With His Dad; Here’s Why Slow Lorises Should Never Be Pets; Rescuers Save Dog Locked In An Apartment; Thousands Of Turtles Found Smuggled In Warehouse

Happy Husky Is Always Smiling
Keep up with this very special husky Maru on Instagram: 

Dog Loves Going On Adventures With His Dad
Follow Kodiak the adventure Aussie on Facebook:… and Instagram: 

Here’s Why Slow Lorises Should Never Be Pets
You can “adopt” a slow loris, by supporting International Animal Rescue: You can support Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand: 

Rescuers Save Dog Locked In An Apartment
To sponsor Boden’s recovery, you can support Rescue Dogs Rock NYC: 

Thousands Of Turtles Found Smuggled In Warehouse
To help these rescuers save more turtles, you can support the Turtle Conservancy: Special thanks to the Katala Foundation for their help in this rescue mission:

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Snowpix says:

I'll murder you if you have a lorises as pet

Snowpix says:

Protec tis precous babi with all ur lifu

Annita Thipharacksa says:

So fluffy head husky

Pufferfish 2074 says:

the slow loris one made me cry I cant beleive because of a stupid pet trade that the slow loris as a species could be gone… forever.

superkawaii unicorn says:

I'm not sure but i think they are filipinos.
I am from the Philippines and they look and sound like filipinos please correct me if i am wrong
Dakal pong salamant in english thank you very much😊😊

The cute Potato says:


That's me on so many's sad.

Simplexi says:

That went from "Oh my goodness that's so adorable!" to "Holy cow that's enough internet for today now excuse me while I go cry my eyes out."

K Halliday says:

It is so infuriating what these Low Life Human Beings do to all innocent animals. I'm so sick of them, daily posts everywhere. I wish there were Good Hearted Vigilantes find these ugly human monsters dole out JUSTICES. Instead of just killing some random humans go postal on these illegal traffickers! That is better than just killing random innocent people. Go and Find These Jerks and DELIVER REAL JUSTICE! And become a HERO instead of a murderer! Please.

Diana Dalangin says:


Ja Z says:

Treatment of the turtles made me ill, I have rescued countless numbers from the local road near me and released them in my pond on my ranch. The pond is fed from fresh water out of our mountain and is clear , warm , AND FULL OF TURTLES. Fun place to be in the summer. Night all.

_ ShockJin says:

If I was rich and had a very successful company, I'd donate money to enforce tight security on wild animal habitats to prevent poachers from entering. Or gather bounty hunters to catch poachers at a high reward.

Naylea Vera says:

Who's watching while scrolling through the comments

Sere Nik says:

I didn't know that viral videos about slow loris involved their pain, i didn't know that slow loris was scared in these vids….well guys, thank you for opening my eyes and eyes of a lot of people I hope, thanks for clarify, thanks for trying to fight ignorance about this. THANK YOU.

Kent Edward says:

Can Morgan Freeman narrate the end of the lives of this pouchers

Unknown Animator says:

Me: in store or shop, asks an employee um excuse me can I buy the most fluffiest pillow you have?

A random fluffy doggo shows up

me: I'll take it

Andrew Thomas [Prism] says:

That dog looks baked off his ass.

Abigail Cates says:

that husky is chill

Sasa Petrovic says:

Humans have no idea what they want to do, something illegal? that's really sad. We need to save animals and the earth, Nature.

Bossy SwordLLC says:

you know those little monkey things I feel bad for them if I see those I would have helped them

Clumsy Mymin Style says:


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